And they both had fathers in the military. What are the odds? I think they placed a lot of emphasis on family backgrounds bc Jason is a firefighter like Courtney's father. But deceased military dads is a bit of a stretch, especially when you consider that they had nothing else in common. » 9/17/14 4:43pm Today 4:43pm

I am followed now, so I assume out of the grey. Yesterday I was in several conversations and my relatively old age came up and I ended up explaining that I have been on Jezebel from week 1. I also offered to bribe my way to black. Make your case and explain why you deserve to come over to the dark side. I think a lot… » 9/14/14 11:56pm Sunday 11:56pm

My grandson is in the hospital with this right now. Four months old, started wheezing and they went in immediately, and he was given breathing treatments and an IV. The virus is extremely hardy, and can live for some time on surfaces, so scrub with soap and water and leave your shoes at the door if you are in a school… » 9/13/14 3:57pm Saturday 3:57pm

My vet also did this service with my beloved cat, Mr. Peaches and Cream, who hated the car. It was peaceful and simple and he fell asleep in my arms in his favorite windowsill. It made the loss of my friend of 16 1/2 years somewhat better, because it minimized his suffering. » 9/09/14 7:35pm 9/09/14 7:35pm

Children with sensory issues sometimes cannot tolerate certain textures or tastes. Maybe this is a carryover from her childhood, she can eat it, but the texture triggers distaste to her. But the crispy thing is madness and (I think) her way of tricking herself when it's some food she really wants, regardless of… » 9/08/14 1:40pm 9/08/14 1:40pm

I was six and my sister eight when our mom became very ill. She spent a year in and out of the local hospital, was sent home to die, and luckily Mayo Clinic took her on and nursed her through two years, and she often stayed in Minnesota with my aunts to recover. Dad held down the farm and raised us with the help of… » 9/06/14 5:09pm 9/06/14 5:09pm

So growing up, my sister and I cooked all the meals, and Daddy and my brother covered their food in ketchup and salt without first tasting. Every. Damn. Meal. It got pretty demoralizing, because we took the cooking seriously and made some amazing meals together. Including our masterpiece—a meatloaf that was mainly… » 9/04/14 9:40pm 9/04/14 9:40pm

My sister got pregnant in high school, married at 18, still together and really happy 30 years later. They struggled financially but raised three great kids. It can work out. But it sucks to feel left out and not know why something happened to a friend. » 8/31/14 12:01am 8/31/14 12:01am

I don't know why he put it online, but probably bc it's his truth. This happened to him, and countless other nameless/faceless LGBT kids out there. My stepson had a friend who was kicked out of his house at 17 so he couldn't corrupt his younger siblings. Does he deserve money? One of his friends thought so. And I… » 8/29/14 10:01pm 8/29/14 10:01pm