Have you ever tried to write a decent ransom note nowadays? Madesyyn. Breilee, Maysen. It's crazy. I have had parents refuse to pay up bc I didn't correctly identify their little Karstynn, and then I have all this kidnap inventory and no income. Always go for the monogrammed backpacks on two year olds who don't even… » 4/17/15 2:42pm Friday 2:42pm

That jacket is definitely not from Iowa, but it needs to be tossed on a helicopter and dropped into a volcano. Does it have double lapels, or is he wearing an ill-fitting vest under it? I am sorry to blather on, but I was mesmerized by its swirling pattern and barely managed to free myself from its evil grasp. » 4/16/15 9:45pm Thursday 9:45pm

I just want to hear Bruce Jenner say that he’s happy. As a kid who built a decathlon in our backyard and competed with my siblings to be Bruce Jenner, I hope he gets to be what makes him happy. He was amazing and defined athleticism and masculinity, so let him define what makes him completely whole. » 4/14/15 11:04pm Tuesday 11:04pm

You obviously have never been to Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan airport, the only international airport in Nepal, which recently was closed down for four days because a plane skidded off the runway and they had no equipment to remove it. » 4/07/15 2:17pm 4/07/15 2:17pm

Not me, but my boyfriend at the time, in the beautiful Italian walled city of Lucca. The small family restaurant we went to by accident bc we couldn’t read the street signs served us half-cooked chicken. I pushed it around on my plate while Dan hissed, “You’re being rude. You have to eat their food.” No, I’ll start… » 4/03/15 11:06pm 4/03/15 11:06pm

She probably went into shock and ran to get help. Not a bad decision, since one normal, untrained person has little chance of disabling a person who has broken with reality. Don't heap blame on her, because right now she is probably blaming herself. » 3/30/15 10:28pm 3/30/15 10:28pm

My family was tested 12 years ago. You need a breast cancer survivor to initiate testing, and they do a comprehensive test to determine which gene that person carries. Once the particular BRAC gene is identified, subsequent testing is easier bc they know exactly where to look. We went by family line, and a parent who… » 3/25/15 12:18pm 3/25/15 12:18pm